Everyone is unique, but we often squash this uniqueness to fit in.  Maybe we do this to fall into an area where everyone is the same.  Think about all of what comprises your being and embrace it.  Embrace your Artsy side.  Being artsy is more than a look, it is a way of life.  Stop being a follower, avoid fads.  Enjoy expressing yourself in your own artsy way.  Check out the local artists and maybe even buy a new painting or original art.  Consider finding your innovative artistic side and take an arts class and create a piece of your own.

Being artsy is not a fad, it is a part of your personality.  Develop a positive attitude towards life.  Smile when hope appears to be lost.  Artsy people usually put on a happy face for themselves and others, when times are bad.  Artsy people are known to be the most pleasant and understanding to others when needed.  If you are just starting out developing your artsy side, start by finding a unique coffee cup, that’s also portable and has a lid, one that fits your personality.  Carry it everywhere with you, even if it has a soft drink in it instead of coffee.

Embrace your artsy side.  Think outside the box.  Smile and hold your head high, for it is time for the new you.  Follow us at www.secretserendipity.com as we take our journey to wellness.

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