Life is what happens as we are planning our future.  Many of us make the mistake of believing that all of our expectations will happen down the road, as we prepare for what we expect our life to be.  We believe that once we get there, everything will be perfect and we will finally be happy.  We forget that there is much to be gained if we enjoy our journey as we are living our life.  We should revel in every moment that we are moving toward that higher goal.  We need to enjoy the accomplishments we gain while we achieve our goals.  We should make it a worthwhile journey, and in doing this, we will savor the end result that much more.

The most important thing we need to understand about happiness is that it is a choice we make from moment to moment.  We should try to not let the little things bother us because this will block the happiness we would otherwise feel.  Embrace happiness, smile, and enjoy the moment.

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