Everyone dreams.  Even if the dreams are not recalled, they did happen.  Dreams are a way for our minds to cope with all the information and experiences that make up our lives.  If you pay attention to your dreams, your subconscious will reveal in the dream the issues that you need to resolve in your waking life.

To help you remember dreams, before you go to bed, breathe deeply and focus mentally.  Make a mental note to remember clearly any dream that you may have.  If you wake up during the night, record what you remember of the dream at once.  Have paper and pen ready next to your bed.  Note whether the dream focused on the past, present or future.  Recall first, then record as much as possible.

If you have issues that you continue to ignore consciously, there will ultimately be a subconscious eruption of some magnitude to get your attention.  Your dreams are trying to tell you that it is time to respond positively to the situation that you are currently ignoring.

If you are interested in understanding your dreams, Meditation can be the answer.  Meditations will help you prepare for dreaming and recording and recalling your dreams.  There are different ways to prepare for meditation.  This includes candles or incense, aromatherapy, and mind relaxation.  Good meditation tapes can help you in this journey.

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