Abraham Lincoln did not go to Gettysburg having commissioned a poll to find out what would sell in Gettysburg.  There were no people with percentages for him, cautioning him about this group or that group or what they found in exit polls a year earlier.  When will be have the courage of Lincoln?  ~~ Robert Coles ~

Intuition is knowing something without being able to explain how you came to that conclusion.  Intuition is that “gut feeling” or “instinct” that usually turns out to be right.  Trust your instincts.  It can be difficult to depend on something that you don’t really understand, but if you’ve weighed all your options and there is no obvious choice, intuition is really all you’ve got.

Intuition is centered in your subconscious mind.  Without intuition, formed from life experiences, you are operating no different than a computer.   Cleaning your mind of repetitive thoughts and worries will make it easier to listen to your intuition.  Find a meditative technique that is right for you, and practice meditation.  As you learn more about how to recognize your intuition, and you see it leading you in the right direction, your confidence will grow and so will your intuitive power.   Follow us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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