Daily Astrology

June 11 Astrology Reading

Tonight, Venus appears to the left of Gemini’s brightest star, Pollux.  Castor, Venus’ second brightest star, lies to its right.  The three objects make a fine sight in the western sky from dusk until about 11pm.  Venus crosses into neighboring Cancer the Crab today.

Tonight’s Moon can bring difficulty. Life is difficult for all of us. It can be made much easier if we live in the present. That means being more aware of small happy things that often dramatize themselves into importance if we observe them with enjoyment. No matter how difficult the situation may be that has troubled our thoughts, there are many happy things around us. Try gardening, bird watching, the theater or going for a run, fishing, going to church, exercising, visiting a museum or park and perk yourself up. Good food has been known to help us appreciate our life so much more. Happiness attracts happiness. Sadness draws sadness. Fill your mind with positive thoughts and things will fall into place.

People born on June 11th are highly intuitive, sensitive and emotional. You have an inner restlessness that drives you to seek variety in your life. You are a true dreamer and love to kick back and watch the world go by. In a mate, you want more than just love and affection. You need someone whose company is as stimulating on a mental level as it is on an emotional one.

Daily thought for June 11th: Unhappiness is in not knowing what we want and killing ourselves to get it.

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