Daily Astrology

June 14 Astrology Reading

Today marks the earliest sunrise of the year.  Although the longest day doesn’t occur until the Summer Solstice (a week from today) earliest sunrise happens several days before and latest sunset several days after. Tonight’s Moon brings personal awareness and subsequent growth.  Are we doing the best we can with what we’ve got? Instead of crying over what we don’t have, and wishing our life were different, we should recognize and appreciate all that we have. Sometimes we live as if we have a black cloud following us around. How we think is how we feel. Instead of focusing on the bad things, let’s change the things we can change and remove ourselves from the things we can’t. Take time to determine what it is that we want out of life and go get it. Explore and try new things. You might meet new people and develop more skills in life that you enjoy while simultaneous building your self confidence.

People born on June 14th are intelligent, practical, enthusiastic and can inspire others with their ideas. Social and charming, you usually have many friends. You have the ability to get lost in your imagination. Home and family are important, but your impulsiveness places you in situations that are off the beaten track. You are happiest when helping others.

Daily thought for June 14th: It doesn’t hurt to be optimistic. We can always cry later.

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