Daily Astrology

June 16 Astrology Reading

There is a Conjunction of the Moon and Jupiter   When the empathy of tonight’s Moon meets the wisdom of Jupiter, it brings vibrations of generosity, compassion and understanding.  It also brings intelligence, knowledge, and kindness to those who are open to change.

It’s not a day for grumbling about things and being angry at a situation we can’t change, as that will not change it.   It is a day for constructive thoughts and actions.  We have a choice to either focus on the negative or look at the bigger picture by changing the way we look at the situation. It is not the experience or problem itself, but rather the way we respond to it that makes us feel the way we do.  When we change the way we look at something, our attitude and our results will immediately change. A positive attitude can lift you up even in hard times. Boost your energy level, today, by looking on the bright side of any situation. No matter how bad things get, there is something you can look positively at.  A positive attitude is often as important as hard work.

People born on June 16th have a character with strong values and sound judgment. You are usually optimistic and direct, and expect this level of honesty from others. You are an attention-getter, and your actions or interests make you a catalyst for change in other people’s lives. You tend to bore easily and rarely stay interested in one job, love or place too long. You are clever and funny when you want to be.

Daily thought for June 16th: If you’re never scared or embarrassed or hurt, it means you never take any chances.

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