Daily Astrology

June 2 Astrology Reading

There will be the finest globular star cluster in the northern half of the heavens, tonight.  It is found in a star pattern called the Keystone, a lopsided square within the constellation Hercules, between the two brightest stars of northern Spring and Summer:  Vega and Arcturus.

This brings a rare brilliancy, it is a sight of beautiful perfection. But our purpose in life is not to attain perfection. Are we seeking perfection so we can stand out from the crowd and appear to be “Special?” Perfection is an illusion that keeps us caught in a never-ending cycle of unhappiness and disappointment. If we are so busy waiting for things to be perfect, we might be missing out on opportunities. What is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and start now, the work of becoming yourself. Work on self-acceptance. Give yourself the benefit of the doubt. You are doing the best you can. If you don’t like your own behavior, you can change it in the future.

People born on June 2nd truly care for each other and the greater good of the planet. You are tender, compassionate, pure and selfless. You’re drawn to everything that is peaceful and beautiful. Charming and generally easy to get along with, you know how to make others feel comfortable and welcome in any setting or situation. You thrive on responsibility.

Daily thought for June 2nd: A genius is one who shoots at something no one else can see, and hits it.

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