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June 21 Astrology Reading

On this day, the Sun is above the horizon, longer than on any other day of the year in the northern hemisphere. Astronomers claim this to be the first day of summer. Early dawns. Long days. Late sunsets. Short nights. The Sun at its height each day, as it crosses the sky. Meanwhile, south of the equator, winter begins. When we approach an equinox or solstice we should expect change and transformation rather than resist it. Often we end up in conflict. The Summer Solstice is our place of retreat and renewal, where we can find understanding and compassion for ourselves and others. It’s a wellspring of helpful insight that broadens our understanding of life.

The Solstice brings Summer.  The Moon has a strong anxiety-defeater force. It’s time to erase our anxieties from our minds. Often, anxiety puts pictures in our mind about how we are going to freak out in a certain situation. Change that picture, and see it differently. See yourself calm and happy. Exercise reduces anxiety, according to a wealth of research.  Exercise does this by lowering the reactivity of the nervous system and other parts of the body that process anxiety. It’s a good day to get outside and take a walk.  Mental training is also as important as your physical training. Some people are more anxious than others. Some produce more types of hormones and chemicals than others. There is no “normal.” A well-rested and well-nourished body is in a better condition to deal with day-to-day situations without leading to bouts of immense anxiety.  Do something good for yourself, today.  Life has been difficult, you deserve the break.  Take that walk.  Buy yourself something.  A book, scented candle, a potted plant, maybe even an ice cream cone, but do something, and do it for you!

People born on June 21st are daring, ambitious and self-confident. You are a quick learner and seem to have an eye for opportunities that can offer a financial reward. When you don’t know what to say or do in any given situation, you’ll keep talking until you see a glint of understanding in the eyes of the listener. You are a dreamer and have spurts of laziness but will find your dreams realized as you get older.

Daily thought for June 21st: Each of us has some unique capability waiting for realization. Every person is valuable in his own existence, for himself alone. Each of us can bring to fruition these innate, God-given abilities.

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