Daily Astrology

June 3 Astrology Reading

Tonight, we see almost exactly the opposite half of the Moon, that which is illuminated by the Sun, making it hard to observe because the side we see is not illuminated. This Moon brings the need for change. Sometimes the past can hold us back, but moving on is a slow and steady process that should be nurtured rather than rushed. Every day is an opportunity to do something that will have a lasting impact on your life.

Life should be bright and steady, but is sometimes not fun, but that should not make you unhappy. We have in our mind how things should be, and we get this over the years by absorbing thoughts from people around us, from the media, from our society, etc. These thoughts can prevent us from being happy. We do it to ourselves. It’s time to start feeling grateful for what we have and stop taking things for granted. Gratitude can unlock our happiness. Take pleasure in the beautiful world around us. Enjoy the sunsets, flowers, baby animals and rainbows. Feel the happiness.

People born on June 3rd are curious and sociable and have lots of friends. You rarely sit around and wait for things to come to you. You decide what it is you want, and then you go after it. You are extremely passionate and long for affection, but have difficulty expressing your true feelings. Once your mind is made up, you can be very stubborn and inflexible. You need to learn how to relax or you’ll risk burning yourself out.

Daily thought for June 3rd: When we are not sure, we are alive.

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