Daily Astrology

June 30 Astrology Reading

Mercury is visible in the evening, having recently passed greatest elongation – east.  Jupiter is currently approaching opposition and is visible in the morning sky.  Saturn is also currently approaching opposition and will rise above the southeast horizon.  Neptune is currently emerging behind the Sun, as it spends all of its time in Aquarius.  Aquarius brings with it a time for understanding the complexities of others on a deeply personal level.

Tonight’s Moon is expected to be one full of contentment and delight. It’s time to say “Yes” when we normally would not. Saying YES today might not make a significant difference tomorrow, however, it might very well send your life in a brand new direction that will bring about tremendous benefits in the future. Life and luck favor the bold. Sometimes when making a decision and considering both outcomes, the “no” outcome is connected to regret. Regret is sometimes the biggest risk of all. If we don’t say “yes” sometimes, we’re missing out on things we don’t even know we’re missing out on. Much as we might love our comfort zone, venturing outside of it can do a lot of good. It keeps us mentally sharp, teaches us new life lessons, and introduces us to things we might someday consider our comforts.  Do one thing out of your comfort zone, today.

People born on June 30th are tolerant and quick to forgive. You are naturally nice and would never harm another. Your relationships are peaceful because you dislike upheaval and criticism. Your intuition is exceptional, and through following your hunches, you see financial profits. Your ability to relax has been your key to good health.

Daily thought for June 30th: Success has nothing to do with what you gain in life, or accomplish for yourself. It’s what you do for others that counts.

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