Daily Astrology

June 4 Astrology Reading

Tonight, Mercury brings a time of emotional sensitivity. Try not to become anxious about too many things. Mood swings may be common, especially if you come under pressure. Try engaging in physical exercise, eat a healthy diet that contains adequate protein and healthy fats, and take the right supplements to get your positive attitude back.

People do us wrong, it is a fact. It is a rare person who does not feel resentment when wronged by someone. Sometimes we are resentful of others because we are upset that we made ourselves vulnerable enough to get hurt. Deep down, we may feel confused and embarrassed. Sometimes it seems the more we struggle against it, the more it sneaks up on us. Holding on to grudges prevents us from healing and growing. Forgive when you can, and practice willful and deliberate forgetfulness when you cannot, keeping in mind that these acts are gifts to yourself rather than surrendering to the people you resent.  Just let it go, and be happy again.

People born on June 4th are outgoing, friendly and brimming with personal magnetism. You think things through and carefully prepare a course of action before implementing your plans. You are a good deal more serious than you appear, and you’re clever and ambitious, with a fine intellect. In a loving relationship, you’re romantic and sentimental, but you dislike any kind of confrontation.

Daily thought for June 4th: We must have courage to bet on our ideas, on the calculated risk, and to act. Everyday living requires courage if life is to be effective and bring happiness.

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