Daily Astrology

June 7 Astrology Reading

The energy of tonight’s Moon, when it is closest to the earth’s surface is very strong, and you can harness it as it can bring about positive changes in your life. This Moon brings optimism for a great day today, and a brighter tomorrow. The best thing you can do for yourself is to live each day as it comes. Wake up with the joy of beginning each day expectantly, confident that it will hold good things for you. Start looking at things in their proper perspective. Don’t let problems get too close to you, lest they take on fearsome proportions that do not reflect their real character. Take the opportunities given to you today, whether they are invitations from friends or greetings from strangers. Encourage yourself to try new things. Spend time away from your phone and your computer. If you feel yourself getting worried, distracted or unhappy, do exercises that help you regain the present. Be outside.

People born on June 7th have great mental foresight and the ability to think for themselves. When you come up against strong opposition, you’ll either fight for your ideas or stubbornly resist all attempts to get you to change them. Friends see you as sensitive, generous, and giving. In relationships, anyone who gets involved with you will soon find out that you’re a lot easier to catch than to keep.

Daily thought for June 7th: None of us can be free of conflict. Even the greatest of men have had to accept disappointments as their daily bread.

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