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June 8 Astrology Reading

Venus dominates the western sky after sunset.  This dazzling planet shines at a magnitude of  -4.0 among the background stars of eastern Gemini.  Venus passes due south of Gemini’s luminary, Pollux.

Tonight’s Moon brings concentrated contemplation. Sometimes, no response is the only way to react. Not only do most things not require a response, often times they don’t even deserve a response. When you feel like flying off the handle, take a deep breath. Deep breathing slows down your fight or flight response and allows you to calm your nerves. Find a friend or significant other you can vent to. Spill it out when they are willing to listen. Socializing with a friend will help take your mind off what has upset you and will help you to not over-react. Make the decision that you are not going to do anything until the feeling has less of a grip on you. Remind yourself that you will never be able to control everything in life, nor should you even try.

People born on June 8th are sensible and friendly and have an easy rapport with others. You come off as emotionally cool on the surface, but you’re warm and sensitive underneath. You change like a chameleon, choosing a mood or image to suit any occasion. You truly care for others and possess a power that makes things happen. You cannot tolerate snobs and will not be bought.

Daily thought for June 8th: The best way out of a problem is to solve it.

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