Daily Astrology

June 9 Astrology Reading

Another comet makes its appearance in the morning sky today.  This brings the perfect time to become more sensitive. The way we think, and the thoughts of those around us, can be quite different. When you see others’ point of view, it allows you to be more empathetic. It has the ability to improve both your life, and the life you’re interacting with. When you try to understand other people, it helps to try to put yourself in their shoes. It’s not always about what you would do in any given situation, it’s to try and understand what another would do. When you are disrespectful to another person’s beliefs, you create hurt feelings. Try to understand others. When you do, you will find it easier to deal with their negativity, and you will better understand their motivations and fears.

People born on June 9th are big hearted and generous, with an uncanny knack for dealing with people. Strong-willed and independent, you are daring and outspoken. Sometimes, you are impatient and impulsive and often forget to think before you speak. You function best when you are in charge. Musical and artistic ability is common among those born on this day.

Daily thought for June 9th: When you cannot make up your mind between two evenly balanced courses of action, choose the bolder.

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