Daily Astrology

March 11 Astrology Reading

The Taurus Moon is a restless Moon.  Have you been leaping around like a candle in the wind, restless and desperate to move on from wherever you have been? Sometimes you have what you want sitting right in front of you. Take time to stop all the drifting and look around you.  The happiest people tend to be the ones who’ve worked the most on themselves. Being happy takes a lot of work. It’s just as much work–if not more– to be unhappy. So choose wisely. Being happy means at some point you decided to take control of your life. It means you decided to not be a victim and to put that energy back into yourself. Sometimes it’s hard, but you have to pull yourself up and push yourself forward.  Restlessness is not for you.  You need good, productive people in your life.  Don’t judge!  Learn to accept people as they are, that includes the positive as well as the negative. It won’t make you less of a person to be a bit more easygoing.  In fact, it might get you what you want!

People born on March 11th are not people who blend in with the wallpaper. You must learn that greater results can often be achieved without making your presence felt too strongly. You are known to others to be friendly and good-hearted. Meeting new people almost daily is part of your busy life. You have the ability to cope with any situation that comes your way.

Daily thought for March 11th: One of the worst things you can do is to try to cling to something that’s gone, or to even try to recreate it.

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