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March 12 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon lacks excitement and vibes.  It is a “Boring Moon.”   Boredom can be our enemy!  Sadly, you have been the jack of all trades and the master of none because boredom has been setting in half-way through any task at hand.   What really makes us feel bored is our thoughts, not reality itself.  We start accepting that boredom is part of the landscape.  It’s time we realize that it’s not that the world is predictable, our thoughts about it are repetitive.  Friends are important, they keep us intrigued.  Don’t let your lack of emotional contacts with your friends drag you down.  With a little conscious effort and a more demonstrative outlook, you can be that lively, adventurous person you used to be. Learn to care more and allow others back into your private world.  Try out a new recipe for dinner and invite some friends over to taste it. If you like cooking for fun, or have never tried it before, find a new recipe to experiment with. Flip through a cookbook or online recipe collections. When your creation is complete, have some friends over, and share the results with others.

People born on March 12th are often ahead of their time. They tend to be misunderstood by others who do not understand them. Adventure and travel of all kinds are important to those born on this day. You often enjoy your own company over others, and should be more active in furthering your cause with others. You have to constantly fight your strong desire to lead.

Daily thought for March 12th: Every person is free to rise as far as they are able or willing. But the degree to which they think determines the degree to which they will rise.

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