Daily Astrology

March 16 Astrology Reading

Mercury is in balance with Pluto and this phase will last twelve days.  This is a time to take stock of your feelings, and your thoughts on life and love.  You seem to fall in and out of love, or is it lust, at the drop of a hat, with a sudden but sincere infatuation taking over your sense and sensibility.   If you don’t know what is going to make you happy, how can you expect someone else to? You need to know and experience what real love and happiness is like by yourself before you commit to loving someone else. When you know what makes you truly happy, practice self-love, take care of yourself and step out of your comfort zone, you will be able to see how powerful being happy alone can be.  Your emotions can be very unstable at times, and if not moderated, can cause hurt to others.  Try to not let that happen.  By changing something in your surroundings, it will help you start fresh and prevent you from feeling like your life is stagnant. Happy people end up having happy lives — happy lives don’t end up making happy people.  Happy people always attract happy people, so be ready!

People born on March 16th have a way of doing things that neither offends nor upsets, but to the people they interact with, it stimulates and gratifies. You love to spend most of your spare time fixing things. Be careful to not fix things that are not broken. You know that you have the ability to take most situations and make them right.

Daily thought for March 16th: Whether you are really right or not doesn’t matter, it’s the belief that counts.

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