Daily Astrology

March 19 Astrology Reading

The strength from tonight’s Moon vibrations, along with the alignment of the planets, brings us the perfect time to be positive, motivated, and the time to take action steps. It is an ideal time for reevaluating your goals and actions. Your specific intent and emotional input all added to the power of your actions.  You’ve been doing well, but other’s actions have been very confusing to you.  You’ve been far more accepting of others than most. You assume that others will be just as accepting to you as well, which doesn’t often happen. This causes you to be baffled and bewildered by this rejection as you strive for joy in your everyday life. Happiness and understanding is your goal, but stress has caused you to fly off the handle of late, go on the attack, and retreat into your own little world. Try hard to avoid this escapism, keep busy and make the effort to have only happy thoughts.  You are on the right course in life, don’t lose your way.

People born on March 19th are in constant and rapid motion. You do not like to waste time in needless discussion. Whatever it is you like to do, you like to do it a lot. When sad, you seek solitude, sometimes for extended periods of time. When younger, you were known for wasting much of your energy on rebelliousness, and you have learned many lessons the hard way.   You now seem to be successful in anything you attempt to do.  Keep up the good work.

Daily thought for March 19th: Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises.

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