Daily Astrology

March 25 Astrology Reading

The Moon does not emit its own light, shining instead by reflecting sunlight. This shrinking Moon rises after sunset, transits the meridian after midnight and sets after sunrise. As the Moon is in the phase of letting go, we are also feeling those vibrations and must let go of things that are not working for us.  It’s important to be kind to ourselves, as well as others, and to forgive ourselves and others, for our mistakes.  Forgiveness is important because it releases the past from your memories, emotions, and mind. You get to live more in the present if you are not focusing on how ‘so and so’ wronged you that one time. It brings compassion, love, and empathy into focus.  Forgiving is one of the hardest things to do. But if you can forgive someone for doing wrong, or for hurting your feelings, you’re probably abiding by the Law of Grace. We all belong to the same Universe. Being kind to others should be like being kind to ourselves, and equally important. On a Universal level, we are all one. Forgive someone today.

People born on March 25th are warm and generous and wear their hearts on their sleeves. Whatever you like to do, you do in style. In addition to an inner sensitivity that may not be obvious from your bright mental front, you possess a practical outlook that helps keep your feet on the ground. You are not one to talk about your personal relationships.

Daily thought for March 25th: If you want rainbows, you have to put up with the rain.

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