Daily Astrology

March 26 Astrology Reading

Venus is entering the energy of Pisces. This Moon turns your thoughts toward downsizing. Clean your closet, both your physical one and your emotional one.  Positive emotions are starting to come your way so prepare yourself for all this positive energy.  Physical, mental and emotional problems are always getting in the way of our happiness.  But it is only a temporary issue.  Change your thinking.   Have you ever seen a picture or heard music that’s brought tears to your eyes? That’s the power of transcendence, where we are affected so deeply by something that we feel as though we are taken outside of ourselves.  Singing, playing an instrument, dancing, painting or making something, allows us to express how we feel, without having to use words.  Try one of these and watch how it makes space for happier, more positive emotions.

People born on March 26th are home in the outdoors, on the open road, and exploring. You are enthusiastic and have an inquiring mind that is captivated by the world and everything in it. Your vivid imagination and inherent flexibility allows you to comprehend the diversity of human behavior. The acts of caring and giving are second nature to you.

Daily thought for March 26th: Enjoyment is not a goal, it is a feeling that accompanies important ongoing activity.

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