Daily Astrology

March 27 Astrology Reading

Venus is in harmony with the energy of Uranus.  The Moon rises around midnight and sets around noon the following day. This is the time to seek balance and not to try anything new. Time to release and let go of any negativity and things you no longer need or the things that are no longer working. Let your mind look for the things that make you feel good, and not the things that cause you to feel burned out, anxious, fearful and unhappy.  Life is loaded with ups and downs. When frustrated, many of us wish we could take our temper out on a set of drums and it would probably help us feel better. Unfortunately, that’s not always possible as most people don’t appreciate the noise. If we constantly release our emotions by doing something creative, we’re less likely to become upset by life, and we’re better able to deal with a crisis when it happens. Natural sounds, such as whale songs, bird songs, waves, gentle rain, storms, and ocean sounds, help produce a feeling of calm and relaxation.

People born on March 27th have an easygoing style that is extremely witty and entertaining. But your clever quips sometimes have a hurtful edge to them. You believe in cooperation and think most problems are best resolved through discussion and compromise. People born on this day are more romantic than most and want a partner who is willing to share their life.

Daily thought for March 27th: The most exhausting thing in life is being insincere.

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