Daily Astrology

March 28 Astrology Reading

Mercury is direct in Pisces and moving along on its normal course.  The Moon appears half-lit by sunshine and half-immersed in its own shadow. As the Moon is completing it’s cycle, heading more into darkness, you are in a process of re-orienting who you are and where you belong.   It is a time of confusion and frustration. Things don’t always go our way. Sometimes, sadness takes over, and we hold back our tears because we don’t want others to see them. People who don’t express their emotions can build up tension and anxiety and can become sick. Our emotions are a way of measuring up a situation. We probably wouldn’t be able to appreciate happiness if we didn’t ever feel sad. Sometimes it’s O.K. to be expressive with our emotions and sometimes it might be better to keep quiet.  Any time you feel bad, just smile. A smile that is genuine lights you up. It’s a physical action so in harmony with Love that it can’t help but make you feel better!

People born on March 28th are deeply caring and passionate. You enjoy gardening and cooking and have a gift for nurturing plants, animals and people. When you find an idea or project that truly excites you, your enthusiasm won’t quit until the goal is achieved.

Daily thought for March 28th: As you think, you travel, and as you love, you attract. You are today where your thoughts have brought you. You will be tomorrow where your thoughts take you.

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