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March 29 Astrology Reading

The conjunction of the Moon with Neptune along with Jupiter is a strong signal that love is necessary for survival.  There are many different kinds of love.  Love in a spiritual sense is the basis of all creation. Without love we would be nothing.  We can love animals, and sometimes even objects. It is important in life that we also learn to love ourselves, despite our faults. In a physical sense, love has the opposite effect on our body from that of fear and anger. It can give us a real sense of warmth, calm and well-being. Unconditional love is love in the greatest sense of the word, with no strings attached.  An appreciation of beauty is a form of love. This is not to say that love is never disconnected from beauty, and that beauty is never disconnected from love; yet, when a beautiful thing or event is appreciated, then there is some form of love involved.  Love holds us together.  An unusual love interest for you is right around the corner.

People born on March 29th enjoy people, love to talk, and have a natural understanding of what makes others tick. Your charm and charisma attract admirers like flies to honey. Challenge intrigues you and you’re never afraid to risk failure. People with problems trust you because they realize you understand their pain.

Daily thought for March 29th: The best things in life must come by effort from within, not by gifts from the outside.

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