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March 5 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon in Pisces brings the greatest sensitivity and perception of one’s surroundings that we’ve seen in quite some time. Nature and it’s surroundings make the realization to us that problems are a temporary aspect of our lives, hence it can’t change their meaning and purposes. People, whether, men and women or children must come across the natural environments to enhance their mental functioning in order to feel rejuvenated. Seeing the glorious sky, and quiet environment, cools down the overactive mind, and spending some nice quiet time with Nature helps to recharge the brains which for a while has drained of its power.  The responsibilities you have been assuming in life have been weighing you down but they are a blessing in disguise. They give you the stability you need to do well in other aspects of your life. You have been learning from experiences and this has helped you apply down-to-earth problem-solving techniques to other situations. Don’t let fears and challenges get you down. Take time to appreciate Nature and smell the flowers.  Always attend to your personal needs, don’t be too sacrificing or you will come to resent it later.

People born on March 5th are social reformers and believe that everyone should be given an equal chance. You have a particular genius for translating ideas into actions, giving rein to your fantasies in the most practical ways. Giving and receiving love is important to you. You don’t get stuck in the physical as you are always reaching for the stars.

Daily thought for March 5th: One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives.

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