Daily Astrology

March 7 Astrology Reading

This Moon in Pisces is a time for new beginnings. Tonight’s Moon represents the beginning of each lunar month and a chance to do thing right. If you can let go of the past, freeing yourself of failures and disappointments, you can embrace a new perspective—a fresh look at the future and all the wonderful possibilities it holds. Most things are only a part of your life because you keep thinking about them. Positive things happen in your life when you emotionally distance yourself from the negative things. So stop holding on to what hurts, and make room for what feels right. Open yourself to new opportunities by looking approachable. Assume the other person is shy and say hello. Then find common ground on which to start a conversation. If there is something of interest, don’t be afraid to ask for the person’s contact information and then follow up.  Whatever changes you want to make, write down the eventual goal.  It doesn’t matter if it’s a small goal, such as “walking on the beach twice a week” or “getting to bed earlier.” Write it down and it will make it more real to you, as well as more attainable.

People born on March 7th are hard workers and take personal responsibilities seriously. Your love of knowledge and your razor-sharp mind give you the ability to deal with any situation. You have a gentle charm and a successful way of dealing with people. Use your good sense to advantage but also trust your deepest instincts.

Daily thought for March 7th: The mind that is anxious about the future is miserable.

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