Daily Astrology

March 8 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s Moon brings enlightenment. It is a time to focus on what you want to attract and the positive change that you want to bring.  There is an element of mystery to you and people are often unfair in their judgment of your actions because they just don’t understand you.   Humans are machines of interpretation and explanation; they have to know what you are thinking. When you carefully control what you reveal, they cannot pierce your intentions or your meaning. You actually have more power when you just don’t say anything.   Listen more to others. Those who are mysterious often observe others more than they steal the spotlight. Focus on taking in your surroundings, listening to what others say, and fading into the background a bit. Not only will this make you more mysterious, but it’ll also make you a better conversationalist. You can still be mysterious and be extroverted. Talk as much as you want, but simply talk about yourself infrequently. Ask others about themselves and put the focus more on them than on you.  Being mysterious should not equate to being rude and thoughtless about other people.  You can be an achiever when you want to be, and a problem to yourself when you scatter your thoughts. Try to keep your emotions on an even keel and beware of sentimentality.  Remember who your friends are for they will always be there for you.

People born on March 8th take themselves very seriously. You have to remember to laugh at yourself from time to time. You are highly intuitive, often preferring to fly by the seat of your pants rather than follow a map. Be careful about being too outspoken as it can make you alternately admired or misunderstood.  Success will come to you from your hard work and determination. When feeling positive, you are big-hearted and generous.

Daily thought for March 8th: If you do not express your own original ideas, if you do not listen to your own being, you will have betrayed yourself.

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