Daily Astrology

May 13 Astrology Reading

Meteor showers arise when the Earth passes through streams of debris left behind by comets and asteroids. The Moon’s distance from Earth varies throughout its monthly orbit because the Moon’s orbit isn’t perfectly circular. Every month, the Moon’s eccentric orbit carries it to apogee – its most distant point from Earth – and then to perigee – the Moon’s closest point to Earth – roughly two weeks later.

Venus sets around 11 pm, while hovering low, causing a sudden force resulting in careless thoughts. Reacting on impulse and saying the first thing that pops into our head, never accomplishes anything. It’s time to “quiet the storm.” When we experience an emotional storm, we feel unable to handle our emotions and become unable to respond to situations appropriately. Practice being kind to yourself. One reason why you might get swept up in an emotional storm is that you beat yourself up over a minor flaw or failure. That can easily spin out of control. When burdened with emotion, close your eyes, envision a positive solution to your problem, and ask the universe to illuminate the best path forward. When coping, cope with humor, a good laugh will keep you healthy.

People born on May 13th are affectionate with a love for travel and adventure. You think on your feet, and can be impetuous and rush ahead without considering all the angles. There is an edgy quality to you and a hint of adventure, which is very exciting to your friends. You have many friends and like to hang out with groups of people.

Daily thought for May 13th: Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven’t planted.

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