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May 18 Astrology Reading

Tonight brings the Conjunction of Venus and Uranus – with the Moon in Scorpio. Many of us adopt today an ‘all-or-nothing’ attitude. We must stand firm between two kinds of madness: the belief that we can do anything, and the belief that we can do nothing. Sometimes we should choose the middle path, one of acceptance of what is.

This Moon shines down calmness to help release our sorrows.  Regrets cause sorrow. Regrets for missed opportunities will vanish as we try to make wise choices. Regrets for hurtful things we have done to others can be healed by making amends to the best of our ability. Regrets and self-condemnation for what we’ve done only destroys the self-esteem we could have had by behaving better. Learn from your experiences, then apply what you’ve learned. Regrets can be important learning tools for the future. It’s a waste of energy to dwell on the negative. Forgive yourself if you need to and move on. Remember that everyone makes mistakes, you are not the only one. Everything happens for a reason.

People born on May 18th are warm and optimistic, with a soft and sentimental heart. You are usually opinionated, independent and in many cases easily able to make your own way in the world. Travel calls you and you have a genuine desire to make the world a better place. You are ambitious for a happy family and well-balanced children, and will do what is necessary to make that happen.

Daily thought for May 18th: A man is as miserable as he thinks he is.

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