Daily Astrology

May 23 Astrology Reading

This unique Moon radiates more positivity and brings welcome change. Opportunity knocks at every door. But do we answer it or do we just complain about the noise. To a ‘positive’ person, a problem is not only a temporary set-back, but also a stepping stone to success. To a ‘negative’ thinker, every problem only confirms his pessimistic view, that whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. Attitudes are our views, whether they are positive or negative. A positive attitude is not something that goes on around you, but rather, it resides within you. A healthy, positive attitude comes from within your heart, mind, body, and spirit. Start today to train yourself to not only have a positive attitude, but to make the effort to express it consistently.

People born on May 23rd have a natural friendliness that is linked to a genuine desire to be helpful to anyone in trouble. You have an original, idealistic streak and the more positively this is shown, the more fulfilled you will be. You are friendly, honest and loyal but very unpredictable. You have a strong romantic streak and like the glamour of romance, and once committed are very loyal.

Daily thought for May 23rd: You can’t just try to do things, you simply must do them.

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