Daily Astrology

May 25 Astrology Reading

Tonight’s unusual phase of the Moon is an emotional Moon, bringing contentment, satisfaction and intense pleasure.  Don’t let it pass you by. There is a lot of joy in the world. Most of us don’t seem to know how to receive this joy. Joy and happiness will only come to us when we gain control over our life and realize our priorities. Life is our journey. Let go of urgency and fear. Be grateful and appreciate your beauty and brilliance. We can love others and help them only when we are at peace with ourselves. When we appreciate our own dignity and value as human beings, we are better able to have compassion for others. True humility comes from love of self, which is the realization of ourselves as we really are. Start today to allow time for relaxing, playing and interacting with friends and family.

People born on May 25th are hard-working and practical, and deal sensibly with problems, and are most likely to realize their full potential. You are talkative, lively in arguments, and will stand no nonsense. You tend to be a soft touch and sometimes give more money away to friends and family than you can comfortably afford. People come to you for advice as you usually know what is best. You make a wonderfully caring partner as you have a great deal of pure love to share.

Daily thought for May 25th: Uncertainty and mystery are energies of life. Don’t let them scare you for they keep boredom at bay and spark creativity.

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