Daily Astrology

May 26 Astrology Reading

The Moon has moved another quarter of the way around Earth. The Sun’s light is now shining on the other half of the visible face of the Moon. Throughout the month you’ve been hurt, broken, or angered in many ways. It’s under this Moon that you will receive the strength to let go of all grudges and release all anger.

This night Moon brings powerful lessons and growth opportunities. Growth can happen through mistakes we have made. They are a part of life, we all make them. There is no advantage, no profit, no growth, in deceiving ourselves merely to escape the consequences of our own mistakes. We must learn to face the consequences of our own actions and words, and to correct when we are wrong. Look for the lesson. Accepting responsibility is essential to becoming mature. Most of us are harder on ourselves than we are on others, making it a lot easier to forgive someone else for a great big screw up than it is to forgive ourselves. Find a way to make it right. This may be as simple as an apology. We should learn the lesson of our mistake, do the forgiving, and then go forward with life. Relax, breathe, and let go.

People born on May 26th enjoy life and have a splendidly-offbeat sense of humor. Patience is one of your virtues, as is insight, and a tend to be very disciplined. Wise saving and investment decisions may ensure a good standard of living as you have the wherewithal to make it work. You often find it hard to show your true feelings, especially in intimate relationships. You have a remarkable reserve of energy.

Daily thought for May 26th: Our entire life consists ultimately in accepting ourselves as we are.

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