Daily Astrology

May 27 Astrology Reading

The Moon is decreasing in brightness, reflecting honest introspection and soul-searching. Frustrations and disappointments can make us unhappy. When we seek contentment and peace of mind, we can achieve it by having a realistic acceptance of what is. It is good to set our standards high, but only if we are prepared to accept, honestly, results that fall short of what we expect. Others will disappoint us, it’s just part of life. In any disappointment, we need to find something useful that we can build on, or that at least lets us see even the smallest positive. We can choose how we think about any given situation, choose to be optimistic. Do something constructive today, and lower your stress. Try walking, listening to music, watching a comedy, meditation, and remember to smile.

People born on May 27th are charming, self expressive and imaginative. You have a love of people, animals and life. You are known for your tact, diplomacy and your willingness to be open and honest. Getting the attention of others is something you crave, and do well. Affairs of the heart are important to you, but a marriage might have little staying power.

Daily thought for May 27th: When we are not sure, we are alive.

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