Daily Astrology

May 3 Astrology Reading

Tonight brings a Conjunction of the Moon and Mercury. The Moon and Venus are always the brightest and second-brightest celestial objects in the night sky. Plus, Venus has been shining near its maximum brightness.

The Moon Conjunction Mercury has conflict running rampant. Conflict with others seems to be a fact of life. If people just accepted people for what they are, conflict would vanish, but unfortunately so would progress. Conflict is inevitable when you have contact with others, but that isn’t necessarily bad. It usually arises from differences. If you are in a situation where there is a conflict, stay calm and alert. By staying calm, you can accurately read and interpret verbal and nonverbal communication. Avoid disrespect in any form while communicating clearly and effectively. For today, just focus on the present and pick your battles for tomorrow is a new day.

People born on May 3rd are sensible and rarely appear to act in foolish ways. You have a knack for getting along with all types of people and quickly make friends out of strangers. You are understanding and sympathetic to your friends, and are there when they need to let off steam about whatever is bothering them at work and in their personal lives. You have a magnetic personality and tons of charm.

Daily thought for May 3rd: Our safety is not in blindness, but in facing our danger.

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