Daily Astrology

May 4 Astrology Reading

The Moon in Taurus is visible tonight.  We cleanse and replenish as we celebrate new beginnings with this Moon, in the sign of opulent Taurus. As the Moon turns its dark side toward us, turn yourself inward and away from the draining energy of others. It is a time of healing.

Sometimes it’s important to just step back and keep the peace. We do not need to become emotionally involved in matters that should not be our concern. Someone near and dear to us needs to work out their own difficulties and we should not interfere. When we step into our automatic ‘fix it’ response to help a friend solve a problem, we’re reinforcing the same level of thinking – thinking that clearly isn’t working. The most important thing you can do for someone is to encourage them to think about their issue in a different way. Often, this will help them solve their problems on their own. That will give them more insight for the future. But if it’s more than they can handle, by all means do what you can to help.

People born on May 4th are clever, lucky and destined to have an entertaining, challenging and stimulating life. Your social and salt-of-the-earth approach to life helps you to maintain your self-sufficiency and self-confidence. You enjoy quiet and serious moments as you need them to replenish your energy. You are naturally friendly and sociable.

Daily thought for May 4th: When there is no feeling of accomplishment, children fail to develop properly and old people rapidly decline.

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