Daily Astrology

May 5 Astrology Reading

Entering Aries, the Moon stirs up feelings of responsibility. Everything that we do has a consequence. If we want to know who we really are, we just have to look at the results of our behavior. If good things have come from the way we act, we are on the right path. If bad things have resulted from the things we have done, then it’s time to make changes. When we make changes, we have to overcome the fear of change in our attempt to be a better person. Start today to dig in and correct our shortcomings. Work on only one or two at a time, for as long as it takes, and watch great things happen.

People born on May 5th know what they want and go after it. You are not one to sit around waiting for things to come to you. You are charming, but difficult to understand. You have an open mind and your insight into human nature makes you a good judge of people and their motivations. You are introspective and were born with the wisdom others wish they had.

Daily thought for May 5th: People are lucky and unlucky, according to the ratio between what they get and what they have been led to expect.

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