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May 7 Astrology Reading

Tonight will have a Conjunction and close approach of the Moon and Mars. During this time, there is a strong sense of attraction that is at once physical and emotional. However, one person may feel that the other person is insensitive during this time, and this can generate feelings of anger or conflict. Accept that each other’s perspective is different, but not wrong.

This Moon Conjunction is approaching with strong provocation. Challenges are everywhere in daily life. Life is difficult. The easiest thing of all to lose is our joy. There are a lot of people in a lot of circumstances that are conspiring to rob it from us. Don’t let them. When you feel like you’ve lost your spark and you’re just going through the motions of life, then it’s time to get your joy back. You are the driver of your own life, and as you journey through, you have choices about which paths to take. The people you pick up along the way can influence your life, but you still remain in control. No matter what is happening to any one of us, the only thing that really matters at the end of it all is that our lives were filled with joy. Make today a day of JOY!

People born on May 7th have a fantastic talent for bringing happiness. You see far beyond what others see, and are completely devoid of snobbery, taking people as you find them and never demanding something which another is reluctant to give. With your charm and sensitivity, you make others feel secure and special.

Daily thought for May 7th: There is no memory with less satisfaction that the memory of some temptation we resisted.

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