Daily Astrology

June 1 Astrology Reading

There will be a Conjunction of the Moon and Venus tonight.  This is a very happy conjunction.  They facilitate each other in making key aspects of life work well, such as marriage and domestic life.  Don’t let your happiness be affected by the vibrations of change, which is usually conflicted by this Conjunction.  The Moon is at its Perihelion stage, bringing it very close to the Sun.

The Moon hangs to the right of Venus, in a blaze of glory as it is so near the Sun, causing all sorts of confusing change. Confusing situations can cause us to feel like we just can’t go on another day, living in uncertainty, fear and misery. Anxiety is a powerful emotion, it weakens our happiness and causes negative thinking. It’s time to weigh all the alternatives and decide what kind of change is necessary. Change is an inevitable constant in life. Sometimes it feels terrible, but it’s up to each of us to determine where and how it goes. Life isn’t always about big, bold milestones. It’s mostly about little things that can bring happiness. Look for opportunities to laugh, and the more hopelessly, insanely so, the better! Tell someone today that you think they are awesome.

People born on June 1st are very intense, independent and imaginative. You take gambles that make others shudder, but you tend to be very lucky. You are down to earth and practical where autos, clothes and fads are concerned. You love partying, can stay up all night, and will travel miles for adventure. In love, you hold off making a commitment until you are reasonably sure that your feelings are reciprocated.

Daily thought for June 1st: It isn’t the mountains ahead that wear you out, it’s the grain of sand in your shoe.

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