Daily Astrology

June 23 Astrology Reading

Tonight will have Mercury at its greatest separation from the Sun.  The Moon will reach its furthest point along its orbit to the Earth and will appear slightly smaller than at other times.  The Moon’s distance from the Earth varies because its orbit is not perfectly circular.  It is instead, slightly oval shaped, tracing out a path called an ellipse.

Reflection comes naturally with a Perigee Moon. We all need time to reflect, embrace, have self-understanding, and to grow from within. Spending time alone is valuable in itself because it teaches us more about ourselves and what we like to do. We don’t always have to be with others. We need time to be ourselves, to gather our thoughts, relish the silence and just totally chill out. When we feel frustrated by everyone and everything, and when being on edge makes us edgy, then we know we need to re-energize our spirits and make us more grateful and less irritated with everyday life. Don’t be constantly annoyed. Take time, today, to recharge your batteries.

People born on June 23rd are ambitious and adventurous and love traveling to exotic foreign places. You tend to be fiery and ardent one moment and cool and detached the next. You relate to the world realistically and there is nothing frivolous or superficial about you. People comment upon your ability to light up a room when you’re happy or darken it when you enter it feeling sad.

Daily thought for June 23rd: No man can be happy without a friend, nor be sure of his friend until he is unhappy.

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