Daily Astrology

June 5 Astrology Reading

There is a Conjunction tonight of the Moon and Mars.  The Moon and Mars will share the same right ascension, with the Moon passing to the South of Mars.  This Conjunction brings strong emotions and feelings, which can influence our decision-making skills.

This Conjunction might have you always on the attack.  It has a strong temperamental undertone.  Don’t let it get a hold on you.  Living in the state of negative thinking with your focus set on unhappiness will have you seeing your life as horrible, even when it’s not that bad. Nothing has the power to hurt our feelings and stir up unwholesome emotions in us unless we allow it. It is only when we compare our lot in life with that of others that self-pity is allowed to engulf us. If we feel that what we are doing is right, we will not be dependent on the admiration or applause of others. Notice how good you have it compared to many other people. Give to others, help them, and do it without expectation. You will start to see things in a much more positive light.

People born on June 5th are ambitious and known for their nontraditional life styles. You are opinionated and play devil’s advocate to get a rise out of everyone. As a caring, idealistic humanitarian, you get along with all kinds of people, and you can usually tell what others need to solve their problems. In an intimate relationship, you crave affection and understanding.

Daily thought for June 5th: The wise don’t expect to find life worth living, they make it that way.

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