Six of Cups Tarot Card

Six of Cups

When the Six of Cups appears, it is all about the past, future, and our memories. It represents the emotions attached to growing up. The Six of Cups Tarot card is a call to reconnect with our inner child. The presence of children on the card has led it to sometimes be associated with innocence, childhood or nostalgia for the past. This is a card of happy memories, platonic relationships, unconditional love and reunions with family and friends from the past. Often, this card will signify the re-appearance of an old lover in your life. Think long and hard before re-starting an old romance.

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Six of Cups (Reversed)

When the Six of Cups Reversed appears, we might need a push to abandon certain childish attitudes that are preventing us from moving forward with our projects and relationships. The Reversed Six of Cups reminds us that we must stay focused on the present and the future instead of getting or staying “lost in the good old days.” Live for today. If single and longing for love, the time has come to look at yourself and what you are doing (or not doing) to bring that love into your life. Give yourself a fresh start and put all those bothersome, negative memories behind you. Start the flow of positive energy.

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