Three of Cups Tarot Card

Three of Cups

The Three of Cups is a communication card that focuses on your relationships with your friends and other people of your community. The Three of Cups can also be looked at as a positive sign that Joy and happiness will soon appear, either with investments or with life in general. The card shows three young girls dancing in a circle, while raising their goblets in a toast. They are connected to each other, as represented by their arms reaching out to each other. It signals a wonderful time for you to start enjoying life through good food, and even better wine! You have the best of friends.

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Three of Cups (Reversed)

When the Three of Cups Reversed appears, it signifies that you may find that financial stresses in life are becoming more frequent and they are starting to affect your relationships. If you are single, a new romantic possibility through friends and or relatives is on its way, but not here yet. The Reversed Three of Cups is telling you that you have to let go of all the hurtful excess baggage in your life and allow yourself to open up to people. Doing this will let them accept you in their lives and in their hearts. This reverse position shows that you have been guilty of doing too much, celebrating too often, and partying too hard.

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