Most of us really want to feel free.  You have the power to choose the way you are and how you feel.  You can do this by thinking about your responses to life, your thoughts, feelings and actions.  If you control them and not others, you will be expressing your true and beautiful self and feel more free.  Show some love.  Call your friends, be there for them.  Play with your pets, show them how much you care.  It’s never a bad thing to give happiness to another.

Have fun and enjoy life.  Everyday, do something you like.  Think positive, as we did as children.  Optimism rules over pessimism.  Trust your instincts.  They will help you get through life.  When you’re in a bad situation, you may find that they’re more helpful than ever.

Laugh a lot and spread your love.  Appreciate what you have in life.  Follow us at www.secretserendipity.com and turn that frown upside down.

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