A Real Friend

What is a real friend?  A real friend makes you feel good when you are in their company.  They do not want to bring you down.  People who are genuinely your friend put your relationship above being right.  Unfortunately, people have bad days and act imperfect, so there are times when a true friend will be negative or hurt your feelings.  The way to determine if they are really a friend, is to look at the whole of your relationship.  Don’t judge your friendship on moments, alone, but on the whole.  Friends should take turns giving each other the “floor” in a conversation and in life.

A real friend is sincerely interested when you talk about your life.  They root for you and want the best for you.  A healthy friendship includes plenty of honesty.  Your friend won’t lie to you, and they won’t try and hurt your feelings, either.  You shouldn’t be afraid to share your true feelings and opinions with your friends.  A solid relationship allows you to talk through disagreements with the intent of coming to a compromise.  A healthy friendship will feel right to both parties involved.

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