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If you dreams are in a garden, you are not alone.  A garden dream is very common.  Gardens are symbols of growth.  In dreams, they represent self-identity and confidence.   Flourishing garden with many colorful blooms commonly indicates this is a period of good fortune in your life and that you are experiencing inner calm and happiness.  Blossoms represent creativity that you are very happy with life and looking forward to each new day.

If part of the garden you are in is dying, you may be feeling upset, depressed or confused.  A dream of plants with drooping leaves suggests your propensity to mood swings and uncertainty.  If you are dreaming of a dying garden, try placing cut flowers around your home and work area to uplift your spirits.  Trees around your garden suggest determination and strength of character.  Brightly colored trees are a symbol of change to come.  A four-leaf clover represents good luck and that prosperity for you is on the way.

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