We all strive to be self-sufficient.  Human nature tells us that we always want to figure everything out for ourselves.  That is a great way to be, it is the key to self-confidence.  Once we understand that, trying to do everything ourselves can also stifle our progress.

No one is good at everything.  We all are good at something, and can appreciate that others are much better a some things than we are.  Whatever it is that we are trying to accomplish, we realize that someone else already knows how to do it well.  Let’s save all that time and frustration that we would have used by getting them to either teach us how to do it, or help us do it.

The quickest path to success is to stick to doing the things you are good at and have others help you with the rest.  Realizing the wisdom of this approach is one of the main reasons why so many people are able to succeed.  Do your best, always be open to learning more, help others, and don’t be afraid to accept help when needed.  Remember to never abuse a friendship and try and return the help a bit more than you received, for then everyone wins!

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