Peace in our life offers us the possibility of living in a way that is in harmony with our natural rhythms and cycles and that honors our potential gifts and abilities.  Once we have released our fears about basic survival, we start to learn to trust in the Goodness of Life.  We reach this level of development as we mature and after we have weathered crisis, pain or loss.  At the center of our being, we are pure peace, and this cannot be destroyed by external circumstances.  Once we have resolved the conflicts within ourselves, our lives begin to take on a deeper sense of peace that lets us flourish as the wonderful beings that we are.

Our Angel of Peace gives us the energy we need to resolve conflicts and problems in our lives.  This angel helps us to live a life compatible with our needs, giving us the opportunity to flourish in a peaceful mindset.  They smooth the path to peace so that we can find love and accept ourselves.  We can offer prayers to the Angels of Peace to bring peace to our planet, peace to our families, friends, and to ourselves so that we may live a happy, loving life.  Let them wrap you in a cloak of comfort as you make peace within yourself and learn to understand the Goodness of Life.

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