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Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower, and draws all good things toward you.  Allow your love to nourish yourself as well as others.  Do not strain after the needs of life.  It is sufficient to be quietly alert and aware of them.  In this way life proceeds more naturally and effortlessly.  Life is here to enjoy!  ~~ Maharishi Mahesh Yogi ~

Do you want to live a happy life?  If you do, it’s important to learn to enjoy life.  You might think you can only enjoy life when you already have a lot of money, or a successful career.  That is not true.  You can enjoy your life now, with what you already have.  It is important to be grateful for what you have because what you have right now is enough.  Life has a lot of simple things you can enjoy.  If you move too fast, you will overlook most of them.  Don’t always be in a hurry, don’t move too quickly.  Take time to appreciate what is around you, live in the now with an eye on the future, and take time to smell the flowers.

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