Living in harmony with others requires us to realize that we may not be able to be friends with everyone we meet. People have opposing ideas and values, and that is ok. Try to make time with those you care about. Be kind. Commit to inner peace. When interacting with others, just accept who they are and what they are. Have patience. Your patience is a virtue and this is more likely to help you get along with others.

Live life. Live on what your life is and let others live who they are. Make friends. If you have great friends, you’ll be able to live more happily in life and they are also there to help you with your problems. Help others. Everybody in life sometimes needs a helping hand. Try helping all the other people out there in need.

I say that if each person in this world will simply take a small piece of this huge thing, this tablecloth, bedspread, whatever, and work on it regardless of the color of the yarn, we will have harmony on this planet.  ~~ Cicely Tyson ~  

In the world today, we are all different, but in a way we are all the same.  We need to join together and work together.  Snow flakes are one of nature’s most fragile things, but just look what they do when they stick together.  All rain drops have different designs and shapes, and that’s exactly what we are, as people.  We just need to stick together and work in Harmony, for united we stand, divided we fall.

Join us at as we take our journey to wellness.

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