ACCEPT YOURSELF.  Accept all that is in you that makes you who you are.  Accept your personality, your opinions, your choices, your body, your preferences and your life story.  Be true to yourself, do not say things against who you are.  Put behind you your mistakes, learn from them, forget about them, and make an effort to be a better you.  Acceptance creates a healthier, happier and more positive outlook on life.

ACCEPT THE WORLD.  The entire human race is not perfect and it is not cruel.  Look at the world, with its good and its bad, and choose to embrace all the differences as well as the similarities.  We are the world, we are the people, we are all one.  Acceptance makes it easier to appreciate the positives and resolve differences, leading the way to greater goodwill.  Acceptance can open the doors to change.  People who feel accepted are more willing to listen and agree to compromise.

Join us at as we take our journey to wellness.  Peace, Love and Music always.

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